HEPSCO - keep your fleet moving

Your single source for automotive fleet supplies, from single case lots to pallet-sized loads.

HEPSCO, the Highland-Exchange Petroleum Supply Company, is your best business solution for wide selection, favorable pricing, and immediate delivery of automotive and truck provisions, including tires, lubricants, coolants, batteries and fuels.

Centrally located in Waverly, Florida, HEPSCO serves the fleet needs of companies from Pensacola to Miami, and Ft. Myers to Jacksonville.

Whether your fleet consists of just a few cars, several light delivery trucks, or an entire tractor-trailer fleet with forklift-serviced warehouse or dock, we provision what you need, in the quantity you need, right when you need it.

Why waste time, energy and money managing several vendor relationships when HEPSCO can be your one-stop shop. Never buy more than you need, or pay more than you have to.

HEPSCO - keep moving.

keep your fleet moving